Top 10 Eco-Friendly Activewear

Whether you enjoy swimming, scaling mountains, power walking or simply hitting snooze and snuggling back into bed, chances are you love pulling on your activewear.

After all, when you can take your pick from cosy socks right through to buttery soft leggings and fleecy sweatshirts, why would you ever want to wear spray-on jeans and rigid tops again?

Of course, we are not alone in this - thanks (partly) to the pandemic, we are all wearing our loungewear and activewear whenever possible, from the gym to the supermarket - and sometimes even to the bar!

We’ve rounded up ten of our favourite activewear pieces - many of them sustainable and eco-friendly - to save you from hours of wading through internet searches.

If you have any favourites to add, be sure to get in touch and share - we always love to hear from our Nut Blenders! 


Swimwear by Light LDN

The It Factor - why we love them! Founded by the incredible Alexandra Light - a body confidence influencer - this gorgeous range of swimwear is size inclusive (it ranges from a 6 through to a UK size 30), sustainable and made from recycled plastics. 

Each piece is designed to make you feel happy and confident in your skin, just as you are. We love everything they sell, but we especially adore the sporty Ellie bikini top (the supportive band is ideal if you need a little ‘lift’) with the flattering, high-waisted Jessica Bottoms. 

How to enjoy: Catch us lounging in this set by the pool, cocktail in hand. Maybe - just maybe - we’ll swim some lengths, too...


365 Signature Sweatshirts by Pangaia

The It Factor - why we love them! If you love dopamine dressing, you’ll adore the rainbow 365 Sweatshirts by Pangaia. Coming in all sorts of shades (our pick is the fashionable Jade Green), each one is made with a responsibly-sourced, high quality, recycled and organic cotton mix. If, like us, you also love cosy sweatshirts, the material is brushed on the inside to make it luxuriously soft and snuggly.

How to enjoy: In all honesty, we don’t ever want to take these cosy sweatshirts off! They’re perfect for wearing to the gym, on the school run - or for a weekend coffee date with friends.


Parker Pro Long Sleeve Zip Top, Gym+Coffee

The It Factor - why we love them! While we may long for sunshine and balmy temperatures, we have to be realistic when it comes to our activewear. After all, the UK climate doesn’t always play ball.

The colourful Parker Pro zip top by Gym&Coffee is perfect for popping over sports bras on breezier days - or even for wearing throughout your gym session since it is designed to keep you fresh and dry. 

How to enjoy: Thrown on over our sports bra for chillier morning runs.


Yoga Matters Eco Cork Yoga Mat

The It Factor - why we love them! These vegan-friendly mats are just as good for the planet as they are for you. They are made from the cork of Oak trees, as well as natural rubber which comes from sustainable farms. Happily, the bark they’re made with is also naturally anti-bacterial, so you can relax and enjoy your Yoga class, knowing that your mat is free from nasties! 

How to enjoy: You can find us on the mat beneath a cosy blanket, lying in a blissful Shavasana


Organic Basics Active Workout Bra

The It Factor - why we love them! How often have you tried to push yourself through a gruelling workout, only to find your sports bra isn’t quite up to the job...? Thankfully, not only is the Organic Basics active workout bra made using recycled materials, but it’s also sweat-wicking and designed to help you breathe. Each piece also has shaped cups for better support and is ethically-made. Take your pick from colours, too, including dusty rose and olive. 

How to enjoy: The perfect support for dancing around the kitchen!


Girlfriend Collective Compressive High Waisted 7/8 Leggings 

The It Factor - why we love them! If you like a splash of colour in your workout wardrobe, then Girlfriend Collective's leggings are for you! These leggings are made from a blend of spandex for perfect comfort and fit, as well as recycled materials. The compression and cut also make them incredibly flattering. We especially love the Golden Glow shade for guaranteed good vibes. 

How to enjoy: They’re squat-proof, so perfect for hitting the gym, ready to lift heavy.


Loci Nine Trainers

The It Factor - why we love them! These vegan trainers are handmade in Portugal and come in a range of cheery colours. They’re created using breathable sustainable materials (ideal for those who have an active lifestyle!), while each pair also comes with a custom-made cork insole for a soft bounce. Ultimate comfort. 

How to enjoy: Heels? No, thanks! We’ll be wearing these with everything, from our favourite jeans to our gym leggings.  


Colorful Standard Organic Active Socks 

The It Factor - why we love them! Another one for the dopamine dressers - whether you prefer muted, earthy tones or colourful rainbow hues, you’ll find these Active Socks in your favourite colour. They are made using a blend of organic cotton and other materials, and each pair is brushed on the inside sole to make them more comfortable (and cosy) to wear. 

How to enjoy: We know they’re designed for active lifestyles, but they’re just as perfect for curling up on the sofa with a good book in one hand and a hot chocolate in the other.


Wireless Headphones 

The It Factor - why we love them! It’s hard to find stylish and comfortable headphones that don’t hurt your ears on the move. We love both of these pairs, which come with comfort in mind. They’re also wireless (no stopping to untangle mid-run - hurrah!) and the perfect size for slipping into your gym bag or pocket.

How to wear: You can find us hosting our very own lounge disco…



Finally, if you find yourself in need of something to listen to in your new headphones (head-to-toe in your new activewear), here’s our current favourite podcast to tune in to:

Dr Chatterjee: Feel Better, Live More

The number one health podcast in the UK - and for good reason! Using the podcast, Dr Chatterjee says that he wants to empower others to feel better and to live more.

Each episode sees interviews with experts on all sorts of topics - recent podcasts include chats about how walking could be a super power and unlocking the power of your mind. A new episode is released each Wednesday, which bitesize versions released on Fridays.